TACHOfreshproducts – Your complete solution

TACHOfresh is a cost-effective, web-based complete solution for secure archiving and evaluation of driver and vehicle data. TACHOfresh solutions offer online display of driving, working and rest times and a fully automated remote download of tachograph data.

With TACHOfresh solutions transport companies and their fleetmanagers can efficiently dispatch vehicles and drivers. Our modular services can be combined flexible to your convenience. Just as you like.

The TACHOfresh Modules


Professional Reporting Online
With the Professional Reporting Online (PRO) from TACHOfresh, you are always up to date on all issues relating to the digital tachograph.

Clearly and compactly, your PRO system informs you with dashboards, graphics, tables and alarm reports about the areas in which you should take action.


Remote Download
No more manual download. With TACHOfresh TACHOfresh you save yourself the time-consuming manual reading of the mass memory data of the digital tachograph.

The .ddd files are remotely downloaded fully automated and transferred from the vehicle to "your" TACHOfresh portal with signed data transmission.


current driving/resting and working times
See your vehicles and the current driving time budget of your drivers in real time. Just as if you were sitting next to your driver, with the tachograph information on driving time and the next break always in view.

It goes without saying that we also inform you about the remaining working time of each driver!