TACHOfresh® MINI Star 2 – RDL Server

Remote download without manual effort

The Mini Remote Download Server (MINI Star 2) is a TACHOfresh development.

It enables customers to carry out a fully automated remote download of their driver driver cards as well as the mass memory data from the digital tachographs in their vehicles.

This makes manual handling with card readers obsolete. The new MINI Star 2 Remote Download Server is the ideal tool for companies with up to 100 vehicles/drivers to carry out the remote download without manual effort.

Especially for customers with smaller fleets, for whom external company card hosting is not an option, there is now a solution that is very easy to integrate.


✓ Enables up to 2 company cards
✓ No need for a card reader connected to a PC
✓ No need to start the application on the PC -> no PC required
✓ Direct connection to the Internet via Ethernet cable
✓ 24/7 availability
✓ Monitoring of RDL server activities via Internet browser (tablet, smartphone, PC)
✓ Remote download interval is recognised automatically
✓ Automatic update of the operating system