TACHOfresh®Interfaces / API

Telematic Systems –
Live driving– and working times

The focus of telematics systems is the position display of vehicles, geofencing, temperature measurement and control, fuel consumption, etc. Information on remaining driving times, next break, weekly driving times from the tachograph are not available in many applications.

TACHOfresh offers seamless integration of this data into existing telematics systems (see sales partners).

Integration of external archiving- and reporting applications

For customers who want to continue using their existing archiving and reporting system, there is the possibility of automated transfer of .ddd files into the existing archiving and reporting system.

Tachofreshoffers fully automatic transfer of .ddd files to VDO Fleet, Vision, …

Expenses and payroll report from

All archived driver (.ddd) data is enhanced by TACHOfresh with the correct GPS position. With this enriched driver data including location/country information, fully automated expense and payroll reports can be carried out.

TACHOfresh offers a standard interface to deliver this enriched driver data to experts such as modulon GmbH

Further interfaces –
transport management systems

To determine the correct arrival time for a delivery, current traffic information is not sufficient for route planning. The remaining driving time of the driver is the unknown factor for precise planning.

With the TACHOfresh LIVE module, this information is available for transport management systems such as Timocom or SIXFOLD.