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We are convinced that the combination of expert knowledge and market knowledge is the key to success.

With our web-based, mostly OEM-branded telematics applications around the digital tachograph, we support over 30 partners in Europe.

We create analysis of driver driving times and rest periods for aprox. 100,000 drivers More than 40,000 customer vehicles of our partners are connected to our servers via various telematics units.

Our partners come from the fields of telematics, digital tachographs and fleet services.


Telematics provider

Telematics providers are interested in a partnership with TACHOfresh so that they can offer their customers a fully automated remote download service. Legally compliant archiving included; live data optional.


Truck rental companies

Truck rental companies can see the current mileage and the location of their rented truck. Your customers can fully automatically read out your vehicle and driver data, track remaining driving and working times in real time and avoid impending infringements.


Fuelcard provider

With TACHOfresh, Fuel card providers enable their customers to archive and evaluate their tachograph data at low cost or to link kilometres driven with refuelling operations. In addition, they can link the kilometres driven with refuelling operations.


Software companies

Software companies use the tachograph data if necessary enriched with position data in order to realize their own applications, e.g. expense reports, fully automatically.


Data provider

Partner workshops of digital tachograph providers offer their customers attractive all-round trouble free packages for fully automated remote downloads. The TACHOfresh RDL servers serve as “hotels” for customers’ company cards


Other industries

TACHOfresh partners come from various industries and are interested in having their customers’ tachograph data processed and/or hosted. Alternatively, they are interested in transferring digital tachograph data to their applications via an interface.

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