General terms of use (GTU)

Terms of use TACHOfresh Software

General Terms

These Terms shall govern the use and provision of TACHOfresh Software by TACHOfresh GmbH, Schmiedestraße 2 A in D-15745 Wildau, Germany. Along with the General Terms and Conditions they form a legal entity; customers are obliged to abide by both regulations. The term “customers” refers to reseller.

Reseller are those companies that pass on our integrator software to an end-customer – either with reference to the actual service provider or by attaching their own brand logo and/or under their own brand name.

Provider is the producing company, TACHOfresh GmbH.

Services based on a software provided by TACHOfresh offer secure transfer of driver and vehicle data to a server, where it will be stored and archived for of a period of twenty-four (24) months. During this time, data is provided for evaluation and analysis tasks. A distinct function will remind users to store driver and vehicle data on a regular basis. Depending on the software module, available features include live data, driving hours, working hours, and remote download of driver and vehicle data.

These Terms of Use, the General Terms and Conditions, and the Contractual Terms shall apply exclusively. Contractual terms by resells shall not apply. Any confirmations or contracts by the reseller with deviating terms and conditions are hereby expressly contradicted by TACHOfresh in advance.

Download GTU :
The complete general terms and conditions are available for download here as a PDF file.