TACHOfresh Reporting

TACHOfresh Reporting – archiving and evaluation

TACHOfresh Reporting

The Reporting module fulfils all legal requirements with regard to archiving and regular monitoring of compliance with all social regulations. The social report checks the driver’s activities for compliance with the legal regulations on driving and rest periods. The archiving of all driver and vehicle files in accordance with legal requirements is of course part of this module.


TACHOfresh Reporting – Features

  • Driving time evaluations
  • Social report / driving time / rest period violations
  • Working time evaluations/violations
  • gap reports
  • alarm reports
  • vehicle evaluations
  • Online display of all evaluations
  • Export to pdf and Excel for further processing

TACHOfresh Reporting – Advantages

  • Consistent data availability (24 hours/7 days)
  • Legally compliant storage of driver and vehicle data
  • Archiving in high security data centre (ISO 27001)
  • Cost-effective

TACHOfresh Reporting – Benefits

  • Variable parameter selection
  • No local data storage required
  • Reduce administration through automated report generation
  • Reminder function for legally required uploads (e.g. upload of files)