TACHOfresh RDL – remote download

TACHOfresh RDL – remote download


All manual operations for reading out the data from the driver card and mass memory within a company are no longer necessary due to the remote reading out of the tachograph, the fully automatic remote download. Certified partners can offer this service to their customers. This is made possible by a remote download server that replaces the manual readout process in 24/7 operation.

TACHOfresh RDL – Features

  • Remote reading of driver and vehicle files
  • Automatic remote download via planning module
  • Manually initiated remote download
  • remote download server
  • Remote download via card reader
  • Remote download via front interface (VDO only)
  • Remote download driver card via smartphone
  • Automatic export to external archiving systems

TACHOfresh RDL – Advantages

  • Reduction of administrative effort for readout of driver and vehicle data
  • Company card stays where it belongs – in the company
  • No dedicated PC/computer required for remote download
  • Use of any number of business cards possible

TACHOfresh RDL – Benefits

  • No additional trips for reading out driver and vehicle data
  • Low download frequencies enable reduced data provision for control points
  • Avoid “empty” vehicle files by creating files only with the company card registered in the tachograph.
  • Transparent monitoring of all remote download activities.

Remote download – Legally compliant. Fully automatic. Efficient!