SmartTacho 2020



Since June, 15th 2019, it has been mandatory to use the new SmartTachograph in all new trucks and buses. This applied to all vehicles put into service for the first time since this date.

TACHOfresh had addressed the issue at an early stage and established contact with all major European tachograph manufacturers, Continental/VDO, Stoneridge and Intellic. We were under the first ones able to offer remote download for the new SmartTachographs.

Now we take the next step. From now on, the comprehensive TACHOfresh reporting will be further optimized. This applies to the data on vehicles and tachographs as well as driver-, company- and workshop cards associated with the introduction of SmartTacho. TACHOfresh customers will be able to see at a glance which of their vehicles has a SmartTacho installed or which of their drivers already have a new driver card.

The use of SmartTachographs and the new driver, company and workshop cards has far-reaching consequences. For example, position data is automatically recorded at the start and end of a shift, after 3 hours of driving and after each change of activity. This provides more transparency, e.g. in which country a driver started or ended his shift.

Drivers can also use the SmartTacho to exclude certain personal data from transmission. The information whether the driver is driving a vehicle equipped with a SmartTacho helps the fleet manager to have the right overview immediately.

SmartTacho mode of operation:
One of the key innovations of the smart tachograph is the connection to satellite navigation systems. In this way, the device can check whether the distance travelled actually corresponds to the kilometres determined by the tachograph’s sensors.

In addition, there is an interface that enables communication with intelligent traffic systems. This will also benefit other road users.

There is also an interface for remote access. This should make it much easier to check the values.