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TACHOfresh MOBILE is an innovative add-on to the TACHOfresh Web application for smartphones and tablets providing all important details to dispatcher and fleet manager about his vehicles, that are connected to the digital tachograph.


  • Online transmission of daily and weekly remaining and driving driving time
  • Display of actual warnings and violations
  • Reminder for time and minimum next break (15/30 Min)
  • Display of daily and total mileage
  • Display of vehicle position on a digital map

For all vehicles that are equipped with the module TACHOfresh LIVE or REMOTE, the data is transferred via GSM into a central webportal. In parallel this data can also be displayed on the following smartphone or tablet types:

  • Android Smartphones (from 4.0 onwards)
  • iPhone (from 4G onwards)
  • iPad

With this the dispatcher and fleetmanager have access to all important information of their fleet – even outside of their office desk. Within the vehicle details he can also see with one click the actual position of the vehicle on a digital map as well as all warnings and violations that have occurred with that driver in that vehicle.



  • Actual information of the digital tachograph always available on most smartphones and tablets, even outside of the office
  • Actual hints on warnings and violations, allowing to react quickly with the objective to reduce penalties