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TACHOfresh LIVEis an add-on to TACHOfresh BASIC and supports in particular transport and freight forwarding companies to control and coordinate their fleets efficiently.


  • Online transmission of the driving, working and resting times
  • Display of the current driving and working time budget for drivers and co-drivers
  • Display of actual warnings and violations
  • Display of vehicle details
  • Transmission of the vehicle location

The vehicle box with built-in SIM card is connected in the vehicle directly to the digital tachograph. With every change of activity or at the latest every 15 minutes current driver activity, vehicle information and the position is transferred from the digital tachograph to TACHOfresh (2 minute pulsing). This way the dispatcher in the company knows at any time how much of the driving and working time budget is still available to the individual driver, that means how long the drivers may still drive or work. Additionally the manager will be notified in time of potential violations. All data is saved over a period of 30 days and can be displayed on a geographical map at any time during the storage period.


  • Ability to react promptly (e.g. driving time violation and speeding)
  • Driver dispatch planning according to regulations and therefore preventing losses due to penalties and fines
  • Display of the current vehicle positions as well as the vehicle positions corresponding to the selected driver activities such as speed, warnings and violations on a geographical map