Terms and Conditions (Allgemeine Geschäftsbedingungen; AGB)
for Business Purposes

Introduction to Our Services & General Terms

TACHOfresh GmbH (“TACHOfresh“), located at Schmiedestr. 2 A in D-15745 Wildau, Germany, sells multi-vendor hardware, develops and provides software for companies of the logistics and transport sector. This application includes archiving and analysis of digital tachograph related data (vehicle and driver files), and mobile location technology in combination with mobile communication.

The following terms of delivery, service and payment apply exclusively and for all contracts, deliveries and other services including consulting services by TACHOfresh for commercial partners (“customer”). Hence, customers of TACHOfresh can only be commercial companies.

For some services, additional terms may apply (“Terms of Use”). Services by TACHOfresh may be substantiated by further rules of conduct or guidelines for certain features or offers. In case of conflict between agreements, the more specific rules shall take precedence. Hence, specific agreements shall precede general terms as follows: Terms and Conditions (German: AGB), Terms of Use (German: Nutzungsbedingungen), Rules of Conduct (German: Verhaltensregeln) – where available.

All components of the contract such as Terms and Conditions and/or Terms of Use and/or additional provisions, Rules of Conduct or guidelines form a legal entity which take effect aas an entirety towards the customer.

These Terms and Conditions apply exclusively. Any divergent terms of business of the customer shall not apply. Counter-confirmation by the customer, with reference to his terms and conditions, is hereby objected to.

You may view, download and print the currently valid Terms and Conditions as well as relevant, substantiated Terms of Use at our website. All agreements, particularly all contractual side agreements and additional contractual amendments, require our written confirmation for their validity.

This also applies to the alteration or termination of specific clauses of these Terms and Conditions.

Download GTC B2B:
The complete general terms and conditions are available for download here as a PDF file.