TACHOfresh digitalization project improves software quality assurance

TACHOfresh digitalization project improves software quality assurance

The company TACHOfresh – located in Wildau since 2008 – successfully participated in the BIG funding program of the Brandenburg Ministry of Economic Affairs, Labour and Energy (MWAE)1). The program aims to strengthen the competitiveness and innovative power of small and medium-sized enterprises.

“The “BIG Digital Implementation” funding program was perfect for our planned digitalization of software quality assurance. We were optimally supported by the Investitionsbank des Landes Brandenburg during the application and review process. After just five months, we received the approval notice for our BIG project1) in summer 2021,” says Dr. Susanne Kirsch, Managing Director of TACHOfresh GmbH.

In the period October 2021 to November 2022, the TACHOfresh software quality assurance digitalization project was successfully converted from the actual to the target situation and the innovative test automation (TA) was implemented. A typical case for a test run for a new software feature at TACHOfresh usually includes 4 to 6 different system environments, 3 to 5 user profiles and 10 to 20 customer profiles, 12 language versions, as well as all internet browsers and operating systems currently used on the market. All development departments had to be involved so that the concrete detailed modules (JIRA cases) could be automatically picked up by the new test automation and integrated into the different test scenarios.

“The project digitalization of software quality assurance was and is a central core functionality at TACHOfresh in order to be able to offer our customers full available of our software services related to web-based tachograph data management in the years to come,” explains Falko Schmalenberg, CTO at TACHOfresh. He points out that the implementation of the new automated test procedure has led to a considerable increase in efficiency and a significant reduction in manual processes.

1) https://www.wdb-brandenburg.de/Brandenburgischer-Innovationsgutschein-BIG-BIG-Digital.1038.0.html

TACHOfresh benefits from the innovation spirit in Wildau and attributes its growth to the advantages of the Dahme Spreekreis science region. “The 15-year close and trusting cooperation with the TH Wildau and with the dahme_innovation network and its managing director, Mr. Gerhard Janßen, ultimately gave the go-ahead for our digitalization project,” says Dr. Kirsch happily. “Without Mr. Janßen’s reference to the BIG program, we would probably have delayed this major and crucial digitalization project.”

Photo: Dahme-Spreewald Economic Development Agency / Helicolor Luftbild Ost GmbH

About TACHOfresh
TACHOfresh, based in Wildau near Berlin, has been developing solutions for the transport and logistics industry for 25 years. The company cooperates closely with the Technical University of Wildau. With the advent of the digital tachograph, TACHOfresh undertook a strategic realignment with the aim of becoming the competence centre for remote download and tachograph data reporting in Europe. Today, TACHOfresh serves over 2,000 customers with 80,000 drivers and 35,000 vehicles across Europe at its two German locations in Wildau and Munich and within its international partner network.

Further information: www.tachofresh.com

About „dahme_innovation“
The technology and science region “dahme_innovation” is located in the immediate vicinity of BER Airport. Over 70 young, innovative companies from the mobility, digitalisation, green tech and life science sectors not only benefit from an ideal working and research environment, but also create solutions for the future with their more than 2,000 highly qualified employees.

Further information: www.dahme-innovation.de

About die TH Wildau

Founded in 1991, Wildau University of Applied Sciences has about 3,500 students, around 80 professors and 31 engineering, economics, law and administrative science degree programmes. Its focus is on mechanical engineering, automation technology, life sciences, logistics and aeronautical engineering, among others. Through increased knowledge and technology transfer, TH Wildau is one of the pioneers of innovation in business and public administration nationwide and is one of the universities with the third highest level of funding in Germany. The university has been led by Prof. Dr Ulrike Tippe since 2017. The state is funding TH Wildau with around 22.5 million euros in 2022.

Further information: www.th-wildau.de

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TACHOfresh GmbH
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