One year Mobility Package I

One year Mobility Package I

One year Mobility Package I – What does the package of measures to modernise European road freight transport mean for the 3.6 million professional drivers across Europe who are to benefit from the new regulations?

The package of measures adopted by the European Union under the name Mobility Package I to modernise European road haulage entered into force a year ago. The updates concern new regulations on driving and rest times, specific rules for the posting of employees and the amendment of the criteria for market and professional access for road haulage subject to authorisation. The Europe-wide harmonisation of working and living conditions of professional drivers intended by the Mobility Package I are not always easy to understand in detail for those affected.

For many years now, the TraWiTec publishing house has been working on preparing important topics and central legal principles on subjects such as load securing, driving and rest periods, further training for professional drivers, operation of the digital tachograph in comprehensible language, practice-oriented and with many examples in a timely and up-to-date manner. The convincing motto of the publisher Markus Mertens: As little as possible – but as much as necessary! The changes in Mobility Package I essentially concern the minimum requirements for daily and weekly driving times, breaks in driving and daily and weekly rest periods.

“We have known Markus Mertens and his important work for many years,” says Susanne Kirsch, Managing Director of TACHOfresh. “Since we had to understand the impact of the Mobility Package I changes in regards to our own software solution, it was only logical to discuss with Markus, how the new knowledge around rest and working times could be made accessible to the greatest number of stakeholders.”

It was a perfect fit that the TraWiTec publishing house was preparing an updated, combined brochure on driving and rest times and the digital tachograph, which explains both the relevant points of Mobility Package I and the handling of the digital smart tachograph. Together we considered what we could do to disseminate the current knowledge and know-how as widely as possible and throughout Europe to professional drivers and dispatchers.

“We at TACHOfresh were excited about the idea and immediately agreed to cover the translation costs for English, French and Dutch,” explains Susanne Kirsch. “In addition, we sponsored OEM branding for the first edition with our partners.” “For us, the implementation in 17 OEM-branded, small first editions in a total of four languages was a real challenge,” comments Markus Mertens. “Today, through the TACHOfresh partner network, the knowledge is available in four languages to drivers & dispatchers almost everywhere in Europe.”

About TACHOfresh
TACHOfresh, based in Wildau near Berlin, has been developing solutions for the transport and logistics industry for 25 years. With the advent of the digital tachograph, TACHOfresh undertook a strategic realignment with the aim of becoming the competence center for remote download and tachograph data reporting in Europe. Today, TACHOfresh serves more than 2,000 customers with 80,000 drivers and 35,000 vehicles across Europe at its two German locations in Wildau and Munich and within its international partner network.

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About TraWiTec
For 7 years, TraWiTec publishing house, founded by Markus Mertens, has pursued the goal of presenting important information for drivers in a simple and understandable way. There are many books on topics like load securing, tachographs, hazardous goods and driving safety. But a handy and inexpensive format like the TraWiTec Verlag mini-guide series was missing. So Markus Mertens, a full-time police officer, became an author and publisher overnight. The Mini-Guide series benefits from Markus Mertens’ long pratical expertise as police officer, which flows into titles such as “Behaviour during controls and traffic accidents”. In addition to the mini-guides, TraWiTec publishing house has launched new digital formats like an e-learning offer and its own app. Exciting approaches to reach more and more addresses in a fast changing industry.

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