The SmartTacho can come – we are ready!

The SmartTacho can come – we are ready!

From 15 June 2019 it will be mandatory to use the Smart Tachograph in all new trucks and buses. This applies to new vehicles that will be put into service from this date.

TACHOfresh, in cooperation with the hardware manufacturers, has dealt with this topic at an early stage and offers a proven system.

The background to this 2014 EU regulation is that exceeding driving times or not taking rest is one of the most frequent causes of accidents on European roads.

The Smart Tachograph will simplify the control of vehicles and driving times. It can therefore be assumed that the new technology will significantly improve road safety.

SmartTacho mode of operation:
One of the key innovations of the smart tachograph is the connection to satellite navigation systems. In this way, the device can check whether the distance travelled actually corresponds to the kilometres determined by the tachograph’s sensors.

In addition, there is an interface that enables communication with intelligent traffic systems. This will also benefit other road users.

There is also an interface for remote access. This should make it much easier to check the values.

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